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Cats have many lives, and some live several of those lives simultaneously in different worlds. (What do you think we're doing when you think we are sleeping all those hours?) Here are some knackerty knotions and fabulous frolicks from my many worlds. You're welcome to share my lovely, comfy virtual cardboard box here.

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Who Is Marzipan Macbeth?

For those who don't know me yet...
     A Brief Introduction by Jessica Macbeth, Herself
     Praises & Snappy Judgements

On Writing

Curing Writer's Block — Helpful and brilliant suggestions you may not have heard before with photographs! Tested by Marzipan Macbeth and written just for you.

How Characters Come to Life — Showing real, multi-dimensional characters in a story is a challenge for writers. Here is how we discover the many things we need to know about ours. I hope you will find it helpful in your own writing.

On Relationships: Doing It Right

I live with my brother, Duffy MacLyr, who is more than three times as big as I am. Also part of the household are my honorary aunts and uncle, who are all two to three times as big as I am. Then there are all the faery folk and the Tree People around. O, and there is also a human, my own Herself, who is probably the easiest of all to manage. I've had to develop certain skills in order to survive and live happily and manage the household. I will share them here with you from time to time. They will help you a lot. (Coming Soon!)

Knackerty Knotions & Scintillating Surprises

There will be more, lots more. I am so pleased to meet you! We will have fun together! Purrs and friendly facerubs to you!

On Facebook

As a writer, naturally I have my own page on Facebook, where I happily accept new friends and exchange purrs and murrmurrs and nose kisses with them. There are photos too. You can find me by clicking here. You would be most welcome to that one of my worlds for current event reports and all that! (I promise not to tell you what I had for lunch.)

This page first appeared on Brighe's Day, 2014
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